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  1. Julie Flinn

    I remember when I first arrived at the Sqn and thought “I’m working here?”. I could see for miles from my office window and the noise level every time one of our Griffons took off was incredible. You could never leave your office window open in the summer or you would not get your work done due to the noise level. 😀

    I worked with a lot of wonderful people (and a one or two not so wonderful). I was fortunate enough to do two overseas peacekeeping tours with the Sqn, one of which I was the acting Chief Clerk over in Kosovo and my second was in Bosnia. I had the opportunity to go to Greece and Hungary for my R&Rs during those tours and enjoyed both countries quite a bit. I also got to know a lot of great folks from other units and MOCs, especially the wonderful MPs that were assigned to our camp in Kosovo.

    I made some great friends while working at 408, including my best friends Terry Morphy, Wanda Loewen and Sophie (nee Boisvert) Levesque. We all keep in touch as much as our busy lives allow. I have been fortunate to run across a lot of the other great people I worked with there via Facebook and email and have gotten back in touch with those I have found online.

    I still miss my days with the Sqn and am very excited to be able to come for this reunion to see my gals again and to reacquaint myself with all the others that I was fortunate enough to work with.

    For Freedom!

    Julie Flinn

  2. Jeff Watson

    Served in 408 Sqn 2008 – 2010 as the Squadron Signals NCO. The highlight of my time with 408THS was the initial deployment to Afghanistan. Alot of people worked hard to make that happen.

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