Squadron 1939-1946

 Battle Honours 1941 – 1946   Canadian airmen fought as part of the British flying services in the First World War. There was no official air force battle honours allocated until after the Second World War, when the RAF drew up a list of battles to be honoured up to that date. The RCAF subscribed to the British battle list (Note: the dates may differ slightly from the British Battle list) Air force battle honours include both major and subsidiary battle honours. Major battle honours are essentially theatre honours awarded…

1947 - Present

Awards to Unit From 1947 – Present Billy Bishop Trophy   November 2009 This trophy, first presented in 1988, is awarded “in recognition of outstanding and meritorious achievement in any field of aviation.” The Canadian military’s 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron based in Edmonton has been awarded the Billy Bishop Trophy for its efforts to quickly deploy aircraft and personnel during the Afghan conflict  

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