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  1. Ben van Drogenbroek

    Crewmember S.H. Thovardson became a prisoner of war at the East Compound of Stalag Luft 3. Military registration number R.191491 p.o.w. number 4921.
    Best Regards,
    Ben van Drogenbroek

  2. OBEE Alain

    I live in France, near Le Tréport, where the Lancaster DS 845 of the 408 th squadron crashed on February 26, 1944 at 4:00 am. I have a photo of Kenneth Lussier taken with resistance fighters who helped him. I would like to send you this photo so that you can confirm if it is indeed him.
    I also have other information about the Fillion driver and the radio operator Bockus as well as their photos taken from the Resistance fighters of Gamaches who had hidden them

  3. Naish

    Im looking for information on my grandfather. He was in the 408 squadron Charles John Carrigan, He was a navigator , rank-flying officer, number-can j17741. Served in active service from 10th of April,1941 to 16th of December 1945.

  4. Robert Lorencz

    Good Day
    I am doing some research on all the Canadian built Lancasters and am trying to locate details on what happened to each one. Lanc FM217 was operated by 408 Sqn and appears to have crashed 2 June 1960. I cannot find out any details of the crash. Can you shed any light on this accident?

    Robert Lorencz

  5. Alan Walker

    I wonder if someone can assist me, my grandfather was killed in Feb 1944 having signed up as RAFVR and assigned to 408 SQL RCAF. I am trying to fing what information I can, But more importantly my son is
    an air cadet and very aware of his great grandfather but would like to know more. He is dedicated to starting a career in the RAF, is there any way I can get hold do a squadron shoulder patch for him?

  6. david Klams

    1600536 sergeant Micheal Kalms died 16 march 1944 over Stutgart? Is there any new info on fate of his

  7. Dale Adelson

    I am searching for any information or person that may have known my uncle, Wilfred Canter who served with the 408 during World War Two.

  8. alan pearce

    I am researching the loss of 408 Sqn Lancaster DS845 EQ-T, abandoned SW of Abbeville, France on the night of 25/26 February 1944. I can trace records of six of the crew, four becoming POWs and two evading, but I just cannot find any information regarding the pilot F/S P E Fillion RCAF, who it seems also became a POW. I have seen it recorded in one book that DS845 was forced down and if that is correct, F/S Fillion may have stayed with the aircraft and landed it after the rest
    of the crew baled out. I am trying to find any information that might help solve this one way or the other, and any information at all regarding the pilot might help with this research. I know absolutely
    nothing about him e.g. service no., where and when born, which POW camp he was held in etc.. Any info at all could be really helpful.
    Many thanks, Alan

    1. Peter Hetherington

      Alan, I have some information re: PE Fillion if you haven’t already located it. I see your question was from 4 years ago. Paul Eugene Fillion (R155601) and my father were very good friends during WW2 especially in England during their training.
      Please send me a personal message as you may have some information about their plane, etc. that I do not have. I can share all my information with you.

      Peter Hetherington

      1. Richard Rowntree

        My Grandfather was also crewed on DS845 when it when’s down.
        He was the other who evaded capture.

        Kenneth Lussier.

        1. OBEE Alain

          J’habite en France, près du Tréport. Je possède une photo de Kenneth Lussier lorsqu’il a été caché après la chute de son avion dans la nuit du 24 au 25 février 44 près du Tréport.
          Je voudrais vous envoyer cette photo et pourriez-vous me confirmer si c’est bien lui.

        2. Alain OBEE

          J’habite en France, près du lieu du crash du Lancaster où votre grand-père Kenneth Lussier a sauté en parachute et a été recueilli par la Résistance. Je possède une photo de lui, je voudrais vous l’envoyer pour confirmer si c’est vraiment lui.
          Alain Obée

        3. Alain Obée

          Hello, I have a picture of your grandfather when he was recovered by the resistance near the Treport where his plane crashed on February 25, 1944. Enter your email address for sending the photo to see if it’s him. Alain Obee

        4. Sharon Fillion

          Nice to meet you Richard. I’m Sharon Fillion. My dad was the pilot, P.E.Fillion. Do you have photographs?

      2. Sharon Fillion

        Hi I am Paul’s daughter,Sharon . So wonderful to see your post. My dad was in stalag 7. Wish I knew of this site years ago . Hope I can reach out to you.

    2. Ben van Drogenbroek

      Crewmember S.H. Thovardson became a prisoner of war at the East Compound of Stalag Luft 3. Military registration number R.191491 p.o.w. number 4921.
      Best Regards,
      Ben van Drogenbroek

    3. Sharon Fillion

      Hi I am Paul Fillion’s daughter. I would love to see these photos. I don’t have pictures of his crew . Thorvardson was from Manitoba. Icelandic. I’ve heard about Ken and the rest from my dad. He said he pointed the plane towards the channel and bailed out. He was hidden by the underground until betrayed. He wrote after the war to the people that hid him under their store

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