By June 1941, the air war over England and continental Europe had been raging for 21 months and Allied fortunes were at their lowest ebb. On the ground, Hitler’s forces, in an overwhelming series of Blitzkrieg operations, had laid waste to most of western Europe, while Nazi U-boats patrolled the North Atlantic shipping lanes with […]


The Rockcliffe Era      1949 – 1964 10 Jan 49 408 Squadron is re-formed at RCAF Station Rockcliffe. Its mission: To continue the aerial survey of Canada, previously being carried out by 413 and 414 (RCAF) Squadrons. Between 1945 and 1949 these units combined to photograph nearly two million square miles of Canada, and were responsible for the […]

Rivers Era

The Rivers Era 1964-1971 Feb 1964 In early February the squadron is moved to Rivers, Manitoba, where it assumes the disparate roles of photo/recce (T-33 Flight), aerial photography (Dakota Flight) and paradrop/transport missions (C-119 Flight). W/C Orpen follows the squadron from Rockcliffe, continuing as CO. May 1965 In May, the C-119 aircraft are replaced by four C-130 (Hercules), which […]


The Edmonton Era 1971-Present The Squadron was re-activated Jan 1, 1971, at CFB Namao, as “408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron” flying CH135 Twin Huey and CH136 Kiowa helicopters. Over the next 40+ years, 408 THS was involved in multiple exercises in support of No. 1 Canadian Brigade Group (later 1 CMBG). In 1996 408 Squadron was re-equipped with the […]

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