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Jodie Butchart-Bell Jodie Butchart-Bell wrote on December 6, 2010:
Looking for any pictures or information on Dad G.E.R. Butchart who was stationed at Linton-On-Ouse, mom was a war bride from Northallerton. Husbands grandfather was Mike Spratt who was stationed over in Africa anyone with info on him would also be greatly appreciated
Jill Smith Jill Smith wrote on December 6, 2010:
I\'m trying to find out any information about my great uncle James William Taylor Mason Smith of Bedlington , Northumberland who was killed 5th April 1943. I know he received the DFM in that year but have no idea of the circumstances in which he was killed . I would appreciate any information.
gord gord wrote on December 6, 2010:
HEllo im here trying to find anyone that knew my great great uncle or his crew, or pics or stories of my great great uncle Chris norman Chalken/chalklen also know as Bud , he was killed in action on aug 29/42 in a hampden , his crew was p/o k.pellett sgt.m.s brighouse(raaf) f/o l.g lyons anything would be good i just got his metals from my grandfather and would like any info or pics or stories to go with them and to show my granddad as it was his uncle bud gord giza
Roger Mills Roger Mills wrote on December 6, 2010:
Further to my research about F/O (later F/Lt)Ralph Van Den Bok,RAFVR,no408 (Goose)sqdn,RCAF, I now have more info about the escape from Belgium of him and A/F/Lt Gordon Fisher,RCAF.Their aircraft was Hampden AE 197,and was attacked and shot down by then Hauptmann Wilhelm Herget,on the night of 28/29 august 1942.Having baled out,the two men were picked up seperately by \"friendly \" agents ; in an \"evasion\" lasting 3 weeks,Van Den Bok was moved across Belgium and France,along with 3 other Airmen,by Belgian Escape-line \"Comete\",eventually being repatriated in October from Gibraltar. Gordon Fisher found his way (presumably with similar assistance)to Marseille,and was then picked up by boat during SIS Operation \"Titania\",when a number of Airmen,Civilian men and women,spies and special Operatives were evacuated. A detailed description (in French) of Van Den Bok\'s adventures \"on the run\" is available,if anyone wants the website details.
Jimmie Dunn Jimmie Dunn wrote on December 6, 2010:
I am doing research on P/O (AG) Douglas D. Skingle, age 21, from Humber Bay, ON, KIA June 44 with crew members, RH Rolfe, JA Inverarity, RW Griggs, H Hugill, & RW Lowrey. Lancaster LL643 was lost on a raid over Achares, France. He has no known grave but his name is engraved on the Humber Bay Cenotaph. The Skingle family were our next door neighbours and are now all deceased. I was very young but I remember the day Doug came to say \"Goodbye\" to my parents when he left of overseas with the RCAF. My parents named their 3rd born son after him in 1946. Mr & Mrs Skingle received a very impressive photo of Doug standing in front of a Lancaster with two other airman from 408 Squadron sometime after Doug was killed. I saw a copy of the photo in a brochure pertaining to a Squadron reunion at the RCAF Museum, Trenton in 1999. I am a retired member of the CAF and am presently endevouring to ensure that Doug will not be forgotten by my family by including what I know of his story in my memoirs. Should someone read this who has some memory of Douglas Skingle, I would appreciate hearing from them. Thank you
Stu Tait Stu Tait wrote on December 6, 2010:
I have just found out the T.S.N. \"Tinny\" Constance died May 2008. He was one of the 408 pilots that not only sighted the 3 German ships in the English Channel,Feb 12, 1942, but unsuccessfully attacked them and received severe damage to his aircraft. As a postscript I am downsizing my collections at home prior to moving to an apartmant and , if you are interested, I have an original Don Connelly painting of the Channel Dash featuring Tinny\'s aircraft. This painting is also signed by Tinny when he was in Ottawa in 1987. I will consider donating this painting to the 408 Mess for a tax credit but I am not sure how to get it out to you if you accept. I am only 3 hours from Trenton so this might be an option,by CAF transport. Please advise so that we may set in motion the transfer.
Pete Pete wrote on December 6, 2010:
Looking for any information/photos on Sgt. Anthony Lindsay (1053889) or his crew. Only information I have is that he was shot down on 3 occasions during WWII, and on two was the only person to survive. Unsure when exactly he served, however he was serving during \'39-45
B.F.BAKER Bernie B.F.BAKER Bernie wrote on December 6, 2010:
I am looking for 408(P) Sqn members circa 1951 = 1953 and especially HOOTENANNIE clubbers. If some of them have taken off for the last time, maybe their close relatives can let me know.
Brian Moore Brian Moore wrote on December 6, 2010:
Would appreciate any information anyone might have on my great uncle. His flight was shot down May 16, 1942 while on a minelaying mission off the coast of Denmark. Other Members of the crew were; Howard Copeman - Pilot Sgt. Norman Smith Sgt. Bill Millerd There is some confusion as to whether he is buried Tranejberg Cemetery, Samso Island (this was mentioned in a book written by Harry Moyle). The family was under the impression that he was never found after the crash, and his name is listed on the Runnymede War Memorial. Any memories of him that anyone might have would be appreciated. Thank you.
Roger Mills Roger Mills wrote on December 6, 2010:
Hello again, Here is an update on what I now know about Ralph Van Den Bok\'s service with 408.He was A) British,not Canadian. B) At the time of his service with 408,he was not a pilot,but a WOP/AG C) In 1942,he flew an \"op\" ,probably to Saarbrucken,in ,I think,a Hampden piloted by the squadron CO, Wing Commander Twigg, RCAF.On the return journey, they were attacked,possibly by Major Wilhelm Herget, and shot down. Wing Commander Twigg,& I think,his navigator ,were killed,but F/O Van Den Bok and a colleague,survived,evaded capture, and returned to England. But I have NO details of the attack, or whether the two survivors bailed out,or crash landed.Does anyone know please ?? Van Den Bok eventually became a B17 pilot,stayed in the RAF until 1955,then left following injury in a train-crash !! Given the death of squadron CO ,Wing Commander Twigg, there must surely be a squadron record of it somewhere ?? Roger Mills
Ken Marles Ken Marles wrote on December 6, 2010:
My step father Jim (James) Rogers,was with RCAF 408 in WWII. He said he was on Halifax and Lancasters I think. Does anyone recall him or have any wartime photo\'s. He mentioned EQ letters on planes. He was originally from Gravelburg Sask.
Kelvin Youngs Kelvin Youngs wrote on December 6, 2010:
Great website and good work in progress - we would like to hear from relatives/members of WW2 408 squadron with a view to placing a page of honour to them - they need not have died during the war - just want to remember them and their stories. Contact us vis our website at Best wishes and good luck to you. Kelvin
Roger Mills Roger Mills wrote on December 6, 2010:
Hi ! I am trying to find out anything I can about Sqdn/Ldr Ralph Van Den Bok,DFC **, RAFVR,with whom my father flew on ops from RAF Oulton,Norfolk, in 1944/45,operating Boeing B17 Fortress mk 2 & 3. I believe that Ralph Van Den Bok had previously served (1942 ?) with 408 (Goose) Squadron,at which time he won the first of his 3 DFCs.I am keen to discover whatever I can about this distinguished officer,one of whose DFCs was for \"Devotion to Operational Flying\", or words to that effect,so that I can get his name put into the 214 squadron list of personnel,from which he is ,inexplicably,missing. I hope someone has heard of him !!!
roy deighton roy deighton wrote on December 6, 2010:
flight sgt deighton was my fathers cousin
Scott McGill Scott McGill wrote on November 30, 2010:
I was hoping that someone would remember my great uncle Flying Officer JOHN NICHOLAS KERRY J/37220, 408 Sqdn., Royal Canadian Air Force who died age 23 on 11 September 1944 If anyone remember John (Jack), can you please contact me by email: