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George R George R wrote on November 30, 2010:
Royal Air force Bomber Command Losses 1943 Volume 4, June 21-22 1943 408 Squadron Operation Krefeld Halifax II, BB375 EQ-T Pilot Sergeant CC Reichert RCAF Pilot Officer J E Monahan, and RCAF Sergeants C C Richert, G M Mclean, JP Dockerill and W Searle died and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. P/O J C Russell and Sgt G I Pridham were Prisoners of War and Pridham was held at Heydekrug and repatriated May 28, 1944. Take off 23:35 Leeming. Shot down by a night-fighter crashing at 02:24 into the Lop near Lopik 18 km SSW of Utrecht. While trying to assist his skipper a cannon shell exploded and Sergeant Pridham lost a leg . Realizing he was unable to maintain control, Sergeant Reichert ordered the badly wounded air gunner to bail out. Since 1945, parts of this Halifax have been recovered from the river and now form a memorial to this RCAF crew. At it’s unveiling the citizens of Lopik invited Sgt Pridham to attend as their honoured guest Excellent example of the Netherlands appreciation
René Bosma René Bosma wrote on November 28, 2010:
Hallo, My name is René Bosma from Wolvega Holland. I do some research about bombers that crasht in the northern part of Holland. Now I looking for some information about the Halifax Halifax MK.II JB898 EQ-Q that crasht near the town of Akkrum. The crew members were: R. O. Blackhall F. H. Scythes K. E. Emmons C. B. Norton G. I. Semper K. E. Godfrey A. J. Sutton C. L. Horn Now i got two questions: what were the first nams of Scythes, Norton, Semper, Godfrey, Horn. And maybe somebody can help me whit pictures that related to this plain or crew. Thanks, René Bosma
Linda MacGregor Linda MacGregor wrote on November 14, 2010:
Please help me locate the flight log book, squadron picture and medals of my father, Robert Henry Larson (408 Goose Squadron).They were \'lost\' at a reunion. The reunion to which he sent these items may have been the 60th anniversary in 2001 (or it may have been a bit earlier than that). I know that Dad, having suffered a severe stroke, was too ill by 2001 to attend personally, so he sent his things with his friend, Doug Boynton. When they didn\'t come back with Doug, Dad tried to locate them, but as near as he could tell, they may have been put in a museum. Unfortunately, my mom doesn\'t recall where the reunion was held other than that it was on the \'prairies\' somewhere. After he died in 2003, various members of our family have taken up the cause of trying to locate his war time artifacts. I would be happy to pay for replicas for any museum that is interested in having copies of these items, but the originals really do belong to our family history. Dad was stationed at Linton on Ouse: he flew 3 missions as a rear tail gunner in the Lancaster bombers and was home on furlough waiting to be recalled to go to the Pacific theatre when the armistice was signed. He told me that he was up on the roof, painting his parents\' house in Langley BC., when he heard the news of the end of the war. Apparently he leapt up, spilling the paint in his excitement. Grandma never allowed that streak of paint to be removed. Until the house was torn down, the streak on the roof remained a symbol of the blessing of the end of WW11. Thank-you for any help you can offer in this matter, Linda MacGregor
JON JON wrote on November 14, 2010:
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help or offer any info / photos - my Great Uncle flew with 408 sqdn and was killed on the 19th July 1942. Can anyone offer any information please or can anyone remember flying with him? His name was Sgt Edward (Teddy) Haville. Thank you, I know it\'s a long shot but worth trying nonetheless.
bernie baker bernie baker wrote on October 29, 2010:
Served at following detachments: Yellowknife,Churchill. Frobisher Bay. If any of the HOOTENANNIES are still kicking, drop me a line.
Tim Bissell Tim Bissell wrote on October 26, 2010:
I\'m a TV researcher working for a company in Toronto, Canada. We make a lot of military themed shows including most notably Tank Overhaul, we also have a movie about to hit the History Channel called Storming Juno. Right now we are working on a series that will celebrate the role of the Bomber in World War II and conflicts that closely preceded and followed it. I think you will agree that the work done by Bomb Squadrons for the Allies has been grossly overlooked and in some ways even demonized - hopefully we can change that! For this reason I am looking for surviving members of Bomb Squadrons to talk to in order to share their stories. Do you know of anyone who might be helpful? Thank you so much for your time and if you are a veteran, thank you for your service. Tim Bissell Research & Development Block-4, Inc. Toronto, Ontario
Nobby Nobby wrote on October 20, 2010:
It is with great sadness that I have to inform the Squadron that my Uncle Arthur ( Nobby) Clark passed away October 2010 aged 90. He has passed on several really interesting items from the squadron and his flights during the war over Berlin.
Moose Moose wrote on October 19, 2010:
My dad talked about his association with this squadron to me for many years. He showed me photos of his crash on his return from a raid after being attacked by night fighters, and which earned him a DFM. I am very proud of my dad who recently passed away a few days short of his 92 birthday. A real warrior and sadly missed Jeff Farrow
Fl. Sgt. Garf Kelly Fl. Sgt. Garf Kelly wrote on October 10, 2010:
Garf Kelly passed away 29 Sept. 1979 He was with the 408 we believe from Dec. 1941.... From Kingsville, Ont. We would love to hear about his antics as we are sure there are many 🙂 Nancy
Darryl S Innes Q.C Darryl S Innes Q.C wrote on October 10, 2010:
I was born in 1942 while my father James M Innes was in Linton.
Andrew McDonald Andrew McDonald wrote on October 5, 2010:
I am researching information about the bombing raid on Le Creusot on Jun 19/20 1943. My father\'s friend James Denholm was killed when his Halifax II JD-107 EQ-Y was hit by light flak near Caen. DENHOLM, James Pilot Offr (Nav) 157440 RAFVR 20 June 1943 France - Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cem. If anybody has information about No 408 Sqn\'s role in this raid in general and about EQ-Y and P/O Denholm in particular I would be pleased to receive it. Many thanks in anticipation.
Dan Olenick Dan Olenick wrote on October 2, 2010:
My father F/L Peter Olenick served with 408 in Rivers, Manitoba and then in Calgary AB. In 1965 he was involved in taking aerial photos of Mount Kennedy went Robert Kennedy reached the summit. The photos were presented to Robert Kennnedy. Looking for anyone who might have more information about this photo venture. It\'s believed that Cpl Trunchon was sitting in the back seat of the T-33. \"Pete\" passed away 9 years ago. His call sign was: \'The Old goat\".
Cathy Cathy wrote on September 17, 2010:
I am looking for more information about F/L Gordon Clayton Fisher. He was a navigator who served with the 408 Squadron during WW II. He was shot down over Belgium in 1942 and was fortunate enough to escape back to England. If anyone knows any information about him or people he served with please contact me. thank you
Albert Edge Albert Edge wrote on September 9, 2010:
where are you Cliff Scott???????
Byron Wolters Byron Wolters wrote on September 6, 2010:
Hello! I would like to find out, if I can, some information on F/L (John) Murray Faulder, DFC (#J22749) who served in 408 Sqn. as a Lancaster pilot during WW2. I don\'t know what he did in the post-war years, but was in the RCAF until about 1963. I knew him as he and his family were our neighbours on Lakeside Crescent here in Calgary. When the Canadian warplane Heritage Lancaster was recently here in Calgary, it made me remember him and want to know more about him in his RCAF service. He passed away in 1993 and his wife, Velma in 2008. My Mum, Norma, has talked to one if their three daughters, Leith (the others Leslie and Linda), but they really don\'t know much either. The family still has his log book, but they say it is written in code (??) and they can\'t seem to get much info from that. They don\'t have any wartime pictures of him either. I would like to find out information such as - if the aircraft he flew had names, what crewmen served alongside Murray and if any pictures exist of him (and crew) in uniform and better yet, around his aircraft. An interesting aside is that my Dad was German and though was only 15 when the war ended, went through many bombing raids in his hometown of Hannover, but he and Murray Faulder became very good friends as neighbours and I can recall as a kid being over at their house, playing with their dog, a Dachshund named \"Hermann\", and seeing the model Lancaster and I believe a painting of a Lanc as well, down in the basement rec room. I can also remember going along with my parents and the Faulders to some sort of Air Force Association type functions a couple of times. Any information I can get would be well appreciated and I would certainly pass it along to his daughters. Cheers! Byron Wolters