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Pete Pete wrote on February 3, 2008:
My uncle,serving with 408 was lost night of 9 Nov 1941 Sgt Evan B.T.M.Robertson,Buried with the other crew members in Westkerke Churchyard,the smallest Comonweath War Graves Commission cemetary.Can someone answer a question? All records say 408 was flying Hamptons at the time.My uncle was Observer on a Wellington the night he was killed.The pilot was a Canadian,wireless operator and gunner English,and my uncle a New Zealander.Crew of 4,so it was a Wellington
Wg Cdr Jim Squires Wg Cdr Jim Squires wrote on December 21, 2007:
My late uncle (at the time) Sgt James Albert Squires 1623565 flew as second pilot with 408 Sqn from Aug to Dec 1944 to gain operational experience following his flying training in Canada.
Linda Linda wrote on December 13, 2007:
Researching Flight Sargeant Reginald M. Hicks, killed in action July 4, 1943. Others in crew: J.C.M. Taylor, A.R. Warnick, A.B. Foster, T. Riley, A.E. Kelly. P.E. Cote taken POW.
Lieutenant Navy Chovin Lieutenant Navy Chovin wrote on November 8, 2007:
Signing the guest book in honor of Gordon Currie. He was killed on the 21st January 1944, tail gunner. Know very little of him. If anyone can provide information, please send me an email. Any photos would be great. His place of rest was discovered November 8th 2007, 63 years later.
tanky tanky wrote on September 27, 2007:
my sister in laws father was killed on the evening of the 6/7june lancaster was (LL643)is name was ralf william lowrey.her dad was killed when my sister in law.was 2yrs old.he was 408 as taken a long time to find out what happened on that night.but we got there in the end.we will be taking the crash site next year.with her children and gran children.(she is a fantastic lady)
Peter Bilbrough Peter Bilbrough wrote on July 18, 2007:
Continuing the query about Sgt Fowell - The plane
Peter Bilbrough Peter Bilbrough wrote on July 18, 2007:
Continuing the query about Sgt Fowell - The plane was a Halifax II No JB972 - EQ-Q Which was on a raid to Dusseldorf. It took off from Leeming at 22.51 hours and was hit by flak while on its bombing run. The plane crashed between Krefeld and the target killing Grant, Fowell and Lang. Stentiford, Carter, Moore and Laloge were all taken prisoners. [see Chorley, WR: RAF Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War - vol 4 (1943) p179]
George R McKillop George R McKillop wrote on July 8, 2007:
408 Squadron Guestbook, Kathleen Carlow of Victoria British Columbia BC is working on her family tree and expressed an interest in the circumstances of the death of her Great Uncle A E Fowell in June 1943. His crew were listed in the 408 Squadron Casualty List as Missing in Action on June 12, 1943.Updated information from various sources: Grant A G,P/O Pilot,Service NumberJ/17223,RCAF,Canadian,KIA, Rheinberg War Cemetery.Carter R E,P/O Navigator,RCAF,Canadian.MIA.No Record.Moore T B,P/O Bomb Aimer,RCAF,Canadian, MIA. No Record Laloge M R,F/Sgt Wireless Air Gunner,RCAF,Canadian,MIA.No Record Fowell A E,Sgt Air Gunner,Service Number R91889,RCAF,Canadian, KIA,Rheinberg War CemeteryLang J M R,Sgt Air Gunner,Service Number R119753,RCAF,Canadian, KIA,.Rheinberg War CemeteryStentiford K R,Sgt Flight Engineer,RAF, UK,MIA.No RecordNote, No Commonwealth War Graves Commission Record, is a good indication that Carter, Moore, Laloge and Stentiford were likely the survivors referred to in Kathleen’s posting
Ronald Blessin Ronald Blessin wrote on June 30, 2007:
It was interesting to read the history of the Shoran operations. It was state of the art back then and I served in the Shoran section at Thule AFB in the last operation. Since then, I\'ve emmigrated to the USA but have run into only two former squadron mates - Moe Maltby and Russ Hennessey. I do have a lot of black and white pictures of the \'57 Shoran operation.
Kathleen Carlow Kathleen Carlow wrote on May 8, 2007:
My great uncle Ab, A.E.Fowell died 15 June 1943, his nick name was Chick. He kept an autogragh book during the war. I was just curious about the circumstances of his death as I am doing my famity tree. Someone was trying to get the hatch open so he could parachute out but they were unsuccessful so he told them to save themselves and leave him. He was supposed to be on leave that day, flying home but someone else used his name and left for leave in his place. That is the story we were told by the survivors after the war. Thank-you! Kath