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Bob McKillop Bob McKillop wrote on May 3, 2014:
Recently on the CBC News in Atlantic Canada the story of a Lancaster Bomber Mk10 that is on display in a park alongside the Trans Canada Highway between Edmundston NB and the Quebec border. This aircraft made a number of sorties during WWII and then was used by 408 squadron in Canada after the war. A small group of dedicated but inexperienced and under funded volunteers need assistance to provide the proper housing for the aircraft before it falls victim to the elements. The link below will take you the CBC TV video of the story. After many years of driving between Ontario and Prince Edward Island I was finally looking in the right direction and the right time. It is a glorious sight and worthy of preservation. Hopefully help arrives in time.
Christine Hulett Christine Hulett wrote on May 3, 2014:
Imagine my surprise as I was searching this website, the first article was of my Great-Uncle Michael Cameron and the crew of EQ-U Lancaster Mk X KB993. Thank you so much for publishing this article. I printed the article and sent the copy to my Great-Uncle Ralph Cameron, the last surviving relative of Michael. Lest We Forget.
Paul Daniel Paul Daniel wrote on April 24, 2014:
Hello Ken. Good times indeed, would be great to hear what many of our crew members from that era are up to. Hope all is well with you. My email is
Ken Hicks Ken Hicks wrote on April 4, 2014:
I was a Flight Engineer with 408 from 1978-1980, I have many great memories of my time with a great bunch of guys. Would love to hear from any FE\'s from that time.
Julien Pops Pronovost Julien Pops Pronovost wrote on April 4, 2014:
Hi Ben Theriault, I flew Shoran in the high arctic in 1956-57. I would be interested in talking to you. My phone number is (613) 347-2011. I am presently away from home and will be back on April 15th. Looking forward to hearing from you. (please note that the email address is in my wife\'s name)
George R McKillop George R McKillop wrote on March 31, 2014:
In Memory of J H, Buck Rogers Wireless Operator, Death March 13, 2014 and Remembering the W H, Wally Phillips Crew. Geoff and Devon Phillips, son and daughter of Pilot Officer pilot W G Phillips, updated a tragic situation within the Rogers family. Deaths of three members within two years. Wife Lily /2012, son Richard February /2014 and Jim March 13th 2014. Buck Rogers was the Wireless Operator on the Wally Phillips Crew. Their special friendship survived a war and lasted a lifetime. While serving with the Squadron during the war I witnessed family like relationships develop within 408 aircrews and it’s important to record Bucks death and their special relationship on the 408 Squadron Association Site. This relationship is best described by Wally’s letter. To the family of Buck Rogers - From Wally Phillips and family, Buck an I met in WW2 in Bomber Command’s 408 Squadron at Linton-on-Ouse Yorkshire. Buck was our wireless operator and I was the Pilot. Our time together in the air is highly memorable for all the members of our seven person crew. Each member of our crew realized that each contributed his abilities to keep the aircraft from getting into trouble. One of the aspects of Buck’s special abilities was his skill in finding, when necessary, a landing at another airdrome and keeping us in touch with them. You might say it’s almost as though certain very specific skills of Buck’s came to the fore when the occasion required them. Buck was a popular fellow - after all, Buck had a nose for good food and it was a big dvantage for all of us. If we were going to be separated from our home base, Buck was not going to waste time sending us to a Base that did not offer better lodgings, and most importantly better food than ours! That proved to be an important skill that was not recorded in the history books !!. After the war Buck and I lost touch for some years. Then Buck’s son Richard visited Canada and managed to locate me. Through Richard’s detective work, Buck and I were reunited. My wife Joan and I went to England to visit Buck and his wife Lily. Later Buck and Lily came to Canada. This was a very special friendship. Most recently, Buck and I visited the airbase at Linton-on-Ouse togerther last June. We had a full tour, met with pilots in training, and also visited Beningbrough Hall where we were stationed. The last meal Buck and I hasd together, was on June 25, 2013, in York at Brigantes Restaurant and Brassiere. Buck enjoyed his non-dietary approved meal with a pint, and seventy years later, he is still going out of his way to eat what he really wanted and not what he was supposed to be eating. I believe it was meat pie and mashed ! All this after a full English breakfast earlier that day ! Cheers to you Buck.
Ben Theriault Ben Theriault wrote on February 20, 2014:
Hi there - - - I was stationed at Rockcliffe from \'52 to \'55 and flew over the North in those Lancs as a radar operator for the SHORAN aerial mapping. Happy memories, but as life would have it , drifting away from it all i soon lost track of all those i enjoyed it with. Now that i could reconnect i sure would love hearing from you . Thanks ! Ben
Ben Theriault Ben Theriault wrote on February 18, 2014:
Hi there - i was with 408 Squadron based at Rockcliff as an aerial radar operator aboard the Lancaster for the SHORAN Survey. Anyone around from those crews ?? Be nice to hear from you . Thanks . Ben
Gordon L. Rabone Gordon L. Rabone wrote on January 29, 2014:
Just a short note to let you know my father, George \" Lewis\" Rabone, passed away on January 25,2014. He lived a good life and was always proud that he served in the 408 squadron in ww2 as a wireless airgunner. He managed to make it home again after a full tour and always wished more of his friends had made it back with him. He had a good life and lived till he was 90 years old. May everyone in the squadron be so lucky. Sincerley, Gordon L. Rabone
Jaap Geensen Jaap Geensen wrote on November 24, 2013:
Dear association members, recently the resting ground of a 408 Squadron Lancaster was discovered in The Netherlands. Although the location was known as a place where a bomber crashed during WWII, particulars were not known. The bodies of the crew had all been recovered and buried eventually at the Schoonselhof in Antwerp (Pictures on this site under \"Grave Markers\" The aircraft we have now found out had crashed in the early morning of 20th February 1944 after a raid on Leipzig. The location is in a protected conservation area. The identity of the wreck is the Lancaster LL720 or Squadron code EQ-R. I thought this knowledge might be of interest to members of the site. gr jaap geensen
George R McKillop George R McKillop wrote on November 14, 2013:
Richard Phillips Wed, 6 November 2013 13:19:54 +0000 email Hello, can anyone help I am in the process of writing a book about a certain Lancaster Bomber MK11 DS707 she appears to have started with 410 then sent to the 408 then finally to 426. When she was with 410 she was coded OW-E (I think) and was given nose art of a goose and titled OUR MARY 11 Richard, believe 410 Squadron was a night fighter squadron. Beau Fighter and Mosquito aircraft. When she was sent to the 408 she retained her nose art and was coded EQ-C, EQ-M and EQ-D and I believe she did 25 Ops with 408 before being sent to 426, Richard, code letters C. M and D were 408 Squadron A Flight aircraft. Also checked 408 Squadron History, published in 1984, no nose art photos of Mary II or references to Lancaster II DS707. However I know that the Pilot W G Phillips, J H Rogers, A Porten, B Wilson and G B Laperierre Berlin Operation of Jan.1st / 2nd 1944 was in Lancaster DS-729 EQ-D. Are you related to W G Phillips? The Wallace George Phillips crew finished their tour on our Aircraft LL633 EQ-F. DS-729 EQ-D is also referenced in Chapter Fifteen of Elaine Lazenby’s book, Call of the Goose. Dusseldorf Operation of November 3rd / 4th “Flight Lieutenant W. A Russell flying DS-729 EQ-D..............” Would anyone have any ORB\'s on the crews that flew this aircraft or images while with 408 ? Any search of Operational Record Books is difficult and time consuming and it’s unlikely anyone will respond However, your history of DS707 gives me the impression you may have a general idea of the dates and period of time this aircraft may have been with 408 Squadron. Care to elaborate? George R McKillop New Westminster, BC
richard phillips richard phillips wrote on November 6, 2013:
Hello can anyone help I am in the process of writing a book about a certain Lancaster Bomber MK11 DS707 she appears to have started with 410 then sent to the 408 then finally to the 426 .When she was with the 410 she was coded OW-E (I think) and was given nose art of a goose and titled OUR MARY 11 . When she was sent to the 408 she retained her nose art and was coded EQ-C EQ-M EQ-D I believe she did 25 opps with the 408 before being sent to the 426 Would anyone have any ORBs on the crews that flew this craft or images while with the 408 kind regards Richard
Wayne Bissky Wayne Bissky wrote on November 4, 2013:
I just wanted to let you know that in your gallery of former Commanding Officers , the photo of the man you identify as Wing Commander H.A MacKay is actually my father Squadron Leader Paul Bissky. If you require other photos as confirmation please let me know. Thanks Wayne Bissky
George R McKillop George R McKillop wrote on October 28, 2013:
(1) Ruff Thu, 17 October 2013 20:40:10 +0000 email My dad Sgt A J Ruff, RAF was a pilot with the Goose Squadron and flew on Lancaster DS692 The Lancaster II Phase. Linton-on-Ouse about August 1943 - January/February 1945 DS692 Code EQ-? A Flight or B Flight ? Any recollections of A Flight pilots W G Phillips or A Quinlan completing their tours of operations, or The loss of B Flight crews S R Laine and Squadron C/O D S Jacobs He\'s now an active over ninety year old ( Me to ) and I am sure he would like to get in touch with anyone that is interested. Unfortunately can\'t suggest any aircrew that I can get to get in touch with your Dad. I was A Flight ground crew November 1941-1944. George R McKillop New Westminster BC
Ruff Ruff wrote on October 17, 2013:
My dad Sgt aj Ruff Raf was a pilot with goose sqn and flew on Lancaster ds692 heis now an active over ninety year old and I am sure he would like to get in touch with anyone that is interested