The Constitution and Bylaws of the 408 “Goose” Squadron Association were approved by the Commanding Officer 408 THS in Edmonton on 1 Oct 99.


1.The name of this Association shall be the 408 “Goose” Squadron Association.


2. The objectives of the Association shall be:

a. To sustain and reinforce the maintenance and friendship of former and present squadron members through reunions and other activities.

b. To perpetuate the memory of 408 Squadron Members and their exploits.

c. To assist the Commanding Officer of 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron in the execution of his/her duties.

3. The 408 “Goose” Squadron Association will, to the extent possible, provide support to various initiatives to include:

a. Reunions;

b. Newsletters;

c. Heritage and History Initiatives; and,

d. Memorial Ceremonies.


4. Divisions

There are 5 divisions of membership in the Association. As described below, assignment to those is dependant on application with the final assignment being the responsibility of the Executive.

a. Regular – Membership into 408 “Goose” Squadron Association shall be open to all individuals who have either served on the Squadron or who have been closely associated with the Squadrons activities. Annual dues of $10.00 will be collected and voting privilege is granted.

b. Honorary – All personnel still serving with the Squadron shall be accorded Honorary Membership in the Association. Personnel posted to another unit must apply for Regular Membership status in the Association, if he or she wishes to continue and a member. No annual membership fees are required and no voting privileges are granted.

c. Honorary Life – Shall consist of spouses of deceased members. No annual membership fees are required and no voting privileges are granted.

d. Life – Persons who have applied for and a one time payment of $150.00 dues will achieve “Life Membership.” Voting privileges are granted.

e. Associate – Those persons who do not apply to other categories of membership may be suited to Associate membership. Persons in this division will be assessed annual dues and voting privilege is granted.

5. Application

Application for membership may be made at any time to the Executive. Each application must be accompanied by funds for the applicable annual dues. No application for Honorary Membership is required on posting of a Regular Force Member to 408 Squadron as appointment will be automatic. Assignment to membership type is the responsibility of the Executive.

6. Suspensions and Expulsions

The National Committee has the power to exclude or expel any member for conduct deemed to be subversive/embarrassing or counterproductive to the best interests of the Association.


7. Bylaws are established when needed and are voted on by Association membership on an as required basis.

a. Business Meeting A Business Meeting for the election of Officers and the transaction of other business relative to the affairs of the Association shall be held in conjunction with a Reunion.

b. Fiscal Year For the purposes of calculating “paid up” memberships etc, the Fiscal Year of the Association will be 1 Jan to 31 Dec.

c. National Executive Meeting The National Executive will meet at the call of the Chairman or the request of any three members of the Executive or it’s regional representatives.

d. Quorum Ten percent of the Regular Members of the Association shall constitute a quorum at a Business meeting. One half of the Members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

e. Amendments Two ways of approving amendments are available.

(1). Amendments to the Constitution shall be approved at a Business meeting by a vote of two thirds of the members present. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the National Executive in advance of the Business Meeting. (2). During years when Reunions are not planned, amendments may be approved by the National Executive. Amendments will be published in the newsletter and consideration given to comments by members.
f. Disposition of Funds Association funds will be dispersed at the discretion of the National Executive with consideration for recommendations from the membership.