Book of Remembrance – 1945



5 January 1945       Target – Hannover      Aircraft: EQ-A 

BENVILLE, Lawrence John        Flying Offr (Air Gnr)                  J/40216       RCAF       Germany – Sage War Cem
DALY, John                                Pilot Offr (Flt Engr)                    109366         RAFVR    Germany – Sage War Cem
LEITHEAD, Frank Taylor            Flying Offr (W.Op/Air Gnr)        J/24304       RCAF       Germany – Sage War Cem
SCHEELAR, Andrew Frank        Flt Lieut (Pilot)                          J/13449        RCAF       Germany – Sage War Cem

29 January 1945       Target – Stuttgart       Aircraft: EQ-E 

COLLINSON, Leslie John          Pilot Offr (Flt Engr)                    C/95228       RCAF       Germany – Durnbach War Cem
LITTLE, Thomas Bruce              Flying Offr (Nav)                         J/40372        RCAF       Germany – Durnbach War Cem
MYERSON, Philip                      Pilot Offr                                       432398         RAAF       Germany – Durnbach War Cem
QUINN, Thomas Phillip              Pilot Offr (Air Gnr)                      J/93944       RCAF       Germany – Durnbach War Cem
SIEWERT, Robert Lloyd            Pilot Offr (Air Gnr)                       J/93945      RCAF        Germany – Durnbach War Cem
WALLIS, Richard Macmillan      Flying Offr (Pilot)                         J/28593       RCAF        Germany – Durnbach War Cem

                                                                        Aircraft: EQ-K

BAILY, Norman Godwin                  Flying Offr (Nav)                     J/35708      RCAF Germany – Durnbach War Cem
CHANDLER, Thomas Herbert       Sgt (Flt Engr)                            1594677       RAFVR Germany – Durnbach War Cem
HENRY, Frank                                    Pilot Offr (Air Gnr)                  J/95274       RCAFGermany – Durnbach War Cem
HOUSE, Brooks Earl                        Pilot Offr (Air Gnr)                  J/95275       RCAF Germany – Durnbach War Cem
JOHNSTON, Crawford Lee             Flying Offr (Pilot)                   C/89128       RCAF Germany – Durnbach War Cem
MORTLEY, Jack Clarence               Pilot Offr (W.Op/Air Gnr)     J/89791       RCAF Germany – Durnbach War Cem
O’BRIEN, John Anthony                  Flying Offr (Air Bomber)       J/29718       RCAF Germany – Durnbach War Cem


21 February 1945      Target – Worms     Aircraft: EQ-O 

ANDERSON, Nels Peter Helin            Pilot Offr (Air Gnr)              C/95210    RCAF    Germany – Rheinberg War Cem
GILMORE, William James                  Flying Offr (Air Bomber)     J/37870    RCAF     Germany – Rheinberg War Cem
SANDERSON, Donald McWilliam      Flt Lieut (Pilot)                    J/29724    RCAF     Germany – Rheinberg War Cem
SHERMAN, Donald Edison                 Pilot Offr (Air Gnr)              J/95492    RCAF     Germany – Rheinberg War Cem
SMITH, Reginald Bertram                   Flying Offr (Nav)                 J/38711    RCAF      Germany – Rheinberg War Cem
WAGNER, William Wallace                Pilot Offr (W.Op/Air Gnr)     J/95503    RCAF     Germany – Rheinberg War Cem
WILSON, James                                 Sgt (Flt Engr)                      1822188    RAFVR   Germany – Rheinberg War Cem


2 March 1945      Target – Koln     Aircraft: EQ-T 

PAXTON, James Gordon      Pilot Offr (W.Op/Air Gnr)    J/95397     RCAF    Belgium – Hotton War Cem
STREET, John                      Pilot Offr (Air Gnr)               J/95496     RCAF    Belgium – Hotton War Cem

7 March 1945      Target – Hemmingstedt     Aircraft: EQ-B 

ALLEN, Alfred George                 Pilot Offr (W.Op/Air Gnr)    J/95213     RCAF     Germany – Kiel War Cem
BAIRD, Nelson George               Warrant Offr (Air Gnr)         R/191011   RCAF    Germany – Kiel War Cem
DAUGHTERS, George David      Pilot Offr (Pilot)                   J/92763     RCAF    Germany – Kiel War Cem
McMANUS, Rupert George         Pilot Offr (Air Gnr)              J/95363     RCAF     Germany – Kiel War Cem

25 March 1945      Target – Munster     Aircraft: EQ-K 

BURROWS, Bernard Arthur      Flying Offr (Pilot)                    J/42161    RCAF      Germany – Reichswald Forest War Cem
COFIELD, Clarence Leonard     Pilot Offr (Air Gnr)                 J/95234    RCAF      Germany – Reichswald Forest War Cem
HAMILTON, Ramsay                 Sgt (Flt Engr)                        1568370   RAFVR    Germany – Reichswald Forest War Cem
LAY, William Robert                   Flying Offr (Nav)                   J/42183    RCAF      Germany – Reichswald Forest War Cem
MARCHANT, John Phillip          Flying Offr (W.Op/Air Gnr)    J/85813    RCAF      Germany – Reichswald Forest War Cem
SHANTZ, Frederick Weber        Flying Offr (Air Bomber)        J/42248    RCAF      Germany – Reichswald Forest War Cem


9 April 1945      Target – Hamburg     Aircraft: EQ-D 

CUNNINGHAM, John Charles     Flying Offr (Nav)                  J/42217     RCAF    Germany – Becklingen War Cem
DUNCAN, Robert Allison               Pilot Offr (Air Gnr)               J/95314     RCAF    Germany – Becklingen War Cem
JENSEN, Arne Paul                         Flying Offr (Pilot)                  J/36138     RCAF    Germany – Becklingen War Cem
TAYLOR, Arthur McLellan             Flying Offr (Air Bomber)     J/42734    RCAF    Germany – Becklingen War Cem
THORP, Arthur                                Sgt (Flt Engr)                          2207095    RAFVR    Germany – Becklingen War Cem
WALKER, James Dickson              Pilot Offr (W.Op/Air Gnr)    J/95512     RCAF    Germany – Becklingen War Cem

 16 April 1945      Target – Bochum     Aircraft: EQ-V 

LARGE, George Russell       Flt Lieut (Pilot)       J/9688       RCAF      Belgium – Adegem Canadian War Cem POW 13/6/43 and died later

 18 April 1945      Target – Gelsenkirchen     Aircraft: EQ-H 

PIXLEY, Asa Nelson      Warrant Offr 1 (W.Op/Air Gnr)      R/125451      RCAF      Germany – Hamburg Cem POW 10/7/43 and died later

18 April 1945      Target – Heligoland     Aircraft: EQ-R 

CULL, Albert James                Flt Lieut (Pilot)                      J/92246     RCAF      Germany – Kiel War Cem
HILL, Farley Cecil                    Flying Offr                              J/35912      RCAF      Runnymede Memorial
MILLER, Donald Mitchell      Flying Offr (Air Bomber)    J/42233      RCAF      Norway – Oslo Western Civil Cem
SYKES, Ernest Edward             Sgt                                          1626149      RAFVR   Runnymede Memorial
WHITE, Charles Henry             Pilot Offr                              J/95516      RCAF       Runnymede Memorial
WILLIAMS, Roland Wesley      Pilot Offr                             J/95255      RCAF       Runnymede Memorial
WOOD, Hugh Raymond            Pilot Offr                             J/95256      RCAF       Runnymede Memorial

25 April 1945      Target – Wangerooge     Aircraft: EQ-M    ( collided with 426 Sdn plane)

BOYD, Allan Bernard                 Flying Offr     J/46747     RCAF    Runnymede Memorial
BRAMBLEBY, James Edwin    Pilot Offr        J/95245    RCAF     Runnymede Memorial
ELY, Arthur Blevyn                    Flt Lieut         J/22783     RCAF      Runnymede Memorial
HOVEY, Vernon Earl                 Pilot Offr       J/95257     RCAF      Runnymede Memorial
HUGHES, James                        Sgt                  2206716     RAFVR   Runnymede Memorial
RUTTER, Albert Leroy              Pilot Offr       J/95260    RCAF      Runnymede Memorial
STANLEY, James Kent              Flying Offr    J/42259    RCAF      Runnymede Memorial


18 May 1945      Training

CAMERON, Michael Cecil          Warrant Offr 2 (W.Op/Air Gnr)    R/188822   RCAF      UK – Brookwood Mil Cem EQ-U
CLIFFORD, Anthony Arthur       Flying Offr                                     J/36136        RCAF       UK – Brookwood Mil Cem EQ-U
FEHRMAN, David Arthur            Flying Offr (Air Bomber)              J/42732     RCAF      UK – Brookwood Mil Cem EQ-U
HALVORSON, Clarence Julius   Flt Sgt (Air Gnr)                           R/278833   RCAF      UK – Brookwood Mil Cem EQ-U
HELLEKSON, Leslie Claude        Flt Sgt (Air Gnr)                          R/272476    RCAF      UK – Brookwood Mil Cem EQ-U
McIVOR, Kenneth Bruce              Pilot Offr (Flt Engr)                     C/94955        RCAF      UK – Brookwood Mil Cem EQ-U