This Book of Remembrance was originally commissioned by

the 1984 408 Squadron Reunion Committee

Researched by Captain Robert A. Geddes( Squadron Historian –  408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron)

Conceived, Designed and Prepared by   Walter W Kasper  CD, BA,  MA, MSc (Econ).

“But the man who can most truly be
accounted brave is he who best knows
the meaning of what is sweet in life and
what is terrible, and then goes out un-
deterred to meet what is to come”
Funeral Oration
Athens, 431BC

Such were the men whose names are entered here.

This Book of Remembrance is dedicated to the proud,  undying memory of those gallant comrades who flew

to their last sortie wearing the badge of 408 Squadron

Book of Remembrance – 1941

Book of Remembrance – 1942

Book of Remembrance – 1943

Book of Remembrance – 1944

Book of Remembrance – 1945

Book of Remembrance – 1946 to Present

Book of Remembrance – Alphabetical

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  1. Walt Swibb

    Is there anywhere in the archives a photo of the aircrew of Halifax Bomber DT 772 408 RCAF Sqdn Goose Squadron (For Freedom ) in particular Pilot Officer Navigator George E. Bisheff j18162/R136259 KIA June 22 1943…any leads would be dearly welcomed

    Walt Swibb…email


    On this website my uncle Marcel Stanley (Bud) Sinclair is listed as being lost on May 9, 1942. The CWGC document from the cemetary show May 8, 1942. Any idea which is correct?

    1. George R McKillop

      Date of Death Sergeant Navigator M S Sinclair

      Have checked the dates of death for Pilot Norton J S , Navigator Sinclair M S,
      Wireless Air Gunners Jefferies G S & Stroud H F in the 408 Squadron Wartime Casualty List, Volume 3 of W R Chorley’s Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War, Commonwealth War Graves Commission records, and The 408 Squadron Book of Remembrance.

      The C W G C record for your uncle M S Sinclair is the only one recorded as May 8, 1942 all the others are dated May 9, 1942. Have witnessed a few exceptions in the past but they were within a crew and due to the Operation bridging midnight. Example: JANUARY 8/9 1943 where the time of take off was such that the actual time of death was open to interpretation i.e. before midnight January 8th, or after midnight and therefore January 9th.
      Believe this is a typographical or proof reading error that you may want to bring to the attention of the CWGC. However it will be especially complicated if his Overseas Death Certificate is dated May 8,1942.

      George R McKillop
      Burnaby BC

    2. Gerry McDonald

      Bud went to school in Giroux, Manitoba in 1936-37 while taking correspondence courses according to school records. He was a close friend to my sister Marjorie and was well known in the community. We are doing a Giroux School Reunion Memory Book and wished to pay special honour to the veterans. If you can provide any additional information and a photo it would be much appreciated.I believe his parents moved to BC. Thank you. Gerry McDonald

      1. George R McKillop

        April 25, 2014

        Served with 408 Squadron as ground crew in England Nov.1941-Nov 1944. Unfortunately no photo. However can provide some information from such sources as My updated 408 Squadron Wartime Casualty List;
        408 Squadron History Book; Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War by WR Chorley; Commonwealth War Graves Commission; and the Virtual Canadian War Memorial.

        However need a clearer understanding of the kind of information you would like to include in the project. Undoubtedly easier to explore this by phone. Suggest you Email me your telephone number or
        give me a call, preferably during the day.


        George R McKillop
        New Westminster BC
        Telephone: (604) 777-9442

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