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Judy morrison Judy morrison from Ottawa wrote on November 9, 2023
Just a few days short of Remembrance Day 2023 was happy to hear a story about a navigator on Lancaster Bombers from my dentist, Dr. J. Robinson. His grandfather was a member of Goose Squadron during the Second World War. I shared with him a memory of my Dad, a bomber pilot on Lancs. With Tiger 424. We are keeping their memories alive for generations to follow. Read Of Luck and War: From Squeegee Kid to Bomber Pilot by Les Morrison
Robert Tanguay Robert Tanguay from Edmonton wrote on June 24, 2023
Hello to all past and present members. I served with 408 '93 - '96 and loved every min of it. Take care and stay safe
Jeff Smith Jeff Smith from Wakefield wrote on March 9, 2022
Greetings from Wakefield Quebec....Served in 408 1979-1981. Per Ardua Ad Astra
Dr. Kimberley Powell Dr. Kimberley Powell from Midland wrote on November 10, 2021
So excited to find your facebook group for 408 squadron. My great uncle, Pilot Officer James Allan Earle, died on Jan 14, 1944 in a Lancaster assigned to target Brunsweig, Germany. The when crew was lost and are now buried on Hanover cemetary. It means a lot to me to be able to connect with the 408. I only knew Allan through home movies. He was my grandfather's youngest brother, and I understand he was probably the nicest and kindest of the 6 siblings. Their father died in 1928, and I think the death of Allan must have been almost unbearable for his mother. I would live to have known him.
Jonathan McEvoy Jonathan McEvoy from Blackfalds wrote on July 22, 2021
Past member it is nice to read and bring back good memories. Cheers
Brian MacGillivray Brian MacGillivray from Petawawa Ontario wrote on April 25, 2021
I made an error in my 18 Apr entry for my first tour dates at 408 Sqn. It should have read 1979 - 1983. From 1977-1979 I was with 444 Sqn in Lahr. Sorry for the mistake. Brian
Brian MacGillivray MWO Retd Brian MacGillivray MWO Retd from Petawawa Ontario wrote on April 18, 2021
I had two tours with the Squadron: July 1977-July 1983 as an LOH Flt Observer and from July 1985-July 1992 as LOH Flt Warrant and Squadron Sergeant-Major. They were good times in my career and I made many good friends and memories.
Kenneth Hicks Kenneth Hicks from Regina wrote on February 16, 2021
I flew as a FE between 1980 to 1981 Loved that time and adventures.
James (Ted) Rolfe James (Ted) Rolfe from Winnipeg, MB wrote on January 6, 2021
I have good memories of my time flying Twin Hueys at 408 Sqn, 1982-86. Currently doing some research on my wife’s uncle, Sgt Donald Henderson, missing on a mission to Wilhelmshaven 10 Jan 1942. I doubt there are any survivors that would remember him, but worth a shot. In the meantime, research. For the moderator: I am willing to poke through ORBs and the like to help answer questions that might have answers found within them.
Admin Reply by: association
Good Morning Ted any assistance you can provide would be appreciated Norm
Denis Methot Denis Methot from Adelaide, South Australia wrote on September 3, 2020
Did one of the SFOR tour with 408 in 2001 while attached to 403. 408 is an awesome unit to work with. Ad Astra
Martin Wood Martin Wood from Sidney B.C. wrote on December 31, 2019
I would be interested if there are any living members in the Victoria area that were in the 408 Squadron that would have known my father F/O Fred Wood during WW11. Regards Martin Wood (250.882.9253)
Lawrence F. O'Brien Sgt . Ret. Lawrence F. O'Brien Sgt . Ret. from Bridgewater Nova Scotia wrote on December 6, 2019
I transferred over to 408 Sqn from 450Sqn when 408 was reactivated with Col. Argue as its Commanding Officer
John Jones John Jones wrote on May 14, 2019
8-9 May 1942 408 Squadron Hampden I AE288 EQ-H Warnemunde Took off from RAF Balderton at 21:24. Hit by 1/lei Flak Abt 836, 1/lei Flak Abt 844 and 1/Marine Flak Abt 204. 408 Squadron Hampden I AE297 EQ-F Warnemunde Took off from RAF Balderton at 21:22. Coned by 11 & 13/Flak Regt 25. Hit by 1/Res Flak Abt 251, 1/Res Flak Abt 224 and 2 & 4/Res Flak Abt 227. Crashed near Rovershagen at 01:24.
David Richardson David Richardson wrote on June 27, 2018
A World War 1 centenial commemoration will be held at Forenville Military Cemetery, near Cambrai in Northern France where 100 mostly British soldiers are buried having been Killed in action on 8th October 1918. This memorial event lead by the local French people will take place on Sunday 7th October 2018. To the left flank of these men were battalions of Canadians. In this same cemetery are the graves of 6 members of an RCAF 408 squadron Lancaster that crashed close to the cemetery on the night 12/13th June 1944, shot down by a night fighter while on a mission over Cambrai. The aircraft was DS726 EQ\"Y\" and you have details on this website. I just wanted to assure you all that while the centenary event is obviously not for these men, that we will observe a fitting remembrance of them. Those men will NEVER be forgotten. David Richardson United Kingdom
pete stevens pete stevens wrote on June 4, 2018
Hi Guys I thought that I would let you Know that The Book Station of Nations The History of RAF Balderton is now available through the RAF Balderton Research Group. It is receiving great reviews and sales are going great.