408 Association AGM Minutes 2021_22

1050-1 (408 Assoc)

Feb 2022

Association Members

408 GOOSE SQUADRON 2021/2022

In attendance: For the 2021/2022 online Annual General Meeting (AGM) we had 26 participants providing us a quorum.

Ref: 408 Goose Squadron Association Annual General Meeting 2021 – 408 “Goose” Squadron Association (forfreedom.ca)


  1. Despite COVID-19 and the havoc it has played on our 80th Anniversary Gaggling of the Geese, 2021 was a very good year for the Association. We have seen our lifetime membership grow and we were very excited to launch the Molly “Mother Goose” Rayner Memorial Scholarship this summer. Our first three recipients were awarded $1,000 scholarships towards their post-secondary education pursuits and the future looks bright for this tremendous endeavour in memory of “Mother Goose”. Our 80th Anniversary Gaggling of the Geese is re-scheduled for June 17th and 18th, 2022. Please standby for more information. If you wish to volunteer to help at the event, please email chairman@forfreedom.ca.


  1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 408 Goose Squadron Association AGM simply informed members of who the Association Executive were and asked the membership to accept the submitted annual financial statement. The financials were unanimously accepted. No other points were raised. The e-AGM opened on 16 March 2020 and closed at 23:59 MDT on 14 April 2020


  1. See Ref for Membership and Financial Reports. The financial Report was adopted by of vote of 25 with one abstention.


  1. Nil


  1. The membership was asked to vote on accepting the executive as it stood. The membership adopted the executive as presented by 23 in favour and 3 abstentions.
  1. The executive proposed changes to the qualification requirements as follows;

Currently an “Applicant” is defined as: “A dependent child of a current member of 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron. A past 408 Squadron member and current member of the 408 “Goose” Squadron Association in good standing. An orphaned child of a past 408 Squadron Member whose legal guardian is a member of the 408 “Goose” Squadron Association (in memorial to the child’s parents). A dependent child of a surviving spouse of a past members of 408 Squadron who maintains good standing in their membership with 408 “Goose” Squadron Association (in memorial).” (See the full document at Molly “Mother Goose” Rayner Memorial Scholarship – 408 “Goose” Squadron Association (forfreedom.ca)) and be between the age of 17-24 years of age when starting their academic year.

a. The proposed change would add “the sibling of a current serving member of 408 Squadron or sibling of an Association Member in good standing” who meets all other criteria as set out in the main scholarship document and application criteria; and
b. The proposal was passed with a vote of 18 in favour, 6 Opposed and 2 abstentions. The website documentation will be amended with the new eligibility requirements.


  1. The executive wants to thank everyone for their participation in the 2021/22 AGM. We had almost double the amount of participants as compared to the previous online AGM. To reiterate the opening remarks; The 80th Anniversary celebrations that were postponed are set for 17-19 June 2022. Keep checking the 408 Association website at www.forfreedom.ca. We are beginning to take application for the Mother Goose academic scholarship. Details are at the website. Note the deadline for applications is going to be adjusted to a proposed date of 31 May or 1 June 2022.


  1. Voting Closed 1 February 2022.

J.W.S. King
Acting President
408 Goose Squadron Association

Distributed to all members via the 408 Goose Squadron Association Website.

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