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408 Squadron Members Grave Sites        

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 Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery

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14 May 1943

S/L Campbell and his crew flying in Halifax II JB931, EQ-O were shot down on their outbound leg during a raid on Bochum by a night fighter, crashing in the sea off the Dutch coast.  S/L Campbell (Pilot), P/O Horne (AG), P/O Stinson (AG) and Sgt Harrison (FEng) were killed and are buried in the Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery, at Flushing, Zeeland, Netherlands.

F/O Thompson (N/B), P/O Hammill (N/B) and Sgt Ross (WAG) were captured and interned as POWs


Bergen OpsZoom Canadian War Cemetery

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14 July 1943

 WO2 Brown was an AG on the crew of Halifax II DT769, EQ-J, which was shot down by a night- fighter during a raid on Aachen and crashed at Fellenoord (Noord Brabant), near Drunen, Holland. He is buried at the Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery, Bergen-op-Zoom, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.

 F/O Smuck (Pilot), Sgt Barneveld (WAG), FS McKay (AG) and Sgt Foggon (FEng) are buried at the Tilburg (Gilzerbaan) General Cemetery, Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.

 F/O Kelly (Navigator) and Sgt Domingan (A/B) were captured as POWs.

Bergen Ops Zoom General War Cemetery

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22 July 1942

 During night operations on Duisberg, Hampden AT139, EQ-A crashed in the Waddenzee, Netherlands.  Only three of the crew’s bodies were recovered and are buried in various Dutch cemeteries.  P/O Ashton (WAG) is buried in the Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, Bergen-op-Zoom, Netherlands.  FS Wishart (Pilot) and FS Pleasence (WAG) are buried in the Harlingen General Cemetery, Harlingen. Netherlands.  Sgt Doherty (Navigator) is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.

27 April 1944

 Lancaster II DS719, EQ-D flown by F/O Rognan and his crew failed to return from a night raid on Essen after crashing in the Oosterschelde off Wissenkerke (Zeeland) on Beveland.  The entire crew was killed but not all of their remains were recovered.   Sgt Gilbert (FEng) is buried in the Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, Bergen-op-Zoom, Netherlands.  P/O Hendry (AG) is buried in the Wissenkerke General Cemetery, Wissenkerke, Netherlands.