Bases Where 408 Was Stationed

RAF Lindholme    24th June 1941 to 20th July 1941

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RAF Balderton   (9th December 1941 to 1st Feb. 1942)  (17th March 1942 to 20th September 1942).

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RAF Syerston    (20th July 1941 to 9th December 1941)

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 RAF Leeming   20th September 1942. to 12th August 1943

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RAF Linton-On-Ouse   12th August 1943 to 14th June 1945

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RCAF Station Rockcliffe  10 Jan 1949 to 01 April 1964

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RCAF Station Rivers Manitoba 01 April 1964 to Fall 1970

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CFB Edmonton  01 Jan  1971 – Present

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One Thought to “Bases Where 408 Was Stationed”

  1. Fred Smith

    My uncle was stationed at RAF Linton-On -Ouse during the Second World War as a F/L on a Lancaster. He lived a cheerful young life and paid the ultimate price for our country on July 29, 1944 on a night raid over Hamburg, Germany. He inspired me to become a professional pilot and left many great memories for all friends and family to remember him by.
    Those crews paid a hefty price for us and it should be our duty to never forget their ultimate sacrifice. Let there never be another war like the last one. Too many great people pay the price for us to live in freedom and security, and if we don’t learn from those sacrifices we are doomed to repeat them. For my uncle Gordon Croucher and all those who did not come home, we owe it to them to live in peace and harmony. They gave their all and now we should give them our all to live for what they fought and died for!!

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