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wilma kuysten wilma kuysten wrote on January 5, 2015
I am looking for information regarding ww 2 goose squadron member Eli (Bill) Baker. He was missing in action in Holland but returned to Canada post war and i believe moved to california. He was from Ottawa. Any ideas or suggestions? I would like to know what happened to him after he went to california.
Anne Gafiuk Anne Gafiuk wrote on December 5, 2014
Hello, I am researching George Douglas Britland, crew member of Lancaster LL765. He died on July 11, 1944, Leicestershire, England. His brother, Lionel, was killed in September 1941 east of Vancouver, BC. I have quite a bit of information about Lionel, as I have written a story about the accident he was involved in. I am thinking of writing a story about the loss of two sons...two brothers for another article, coming upon your website as George was part of the 408 Goose Squadron. If you would like a photo of George Douglas Britland and more information from his files at the Library and Archives in Ottawa, I would be happy to send it all to you. Please contact me at Thank you! Anne
George R McKillop George R McKillop wrote on December 2, 2014
David Served as groundcrew with 408 Squadron in the UK, late November 1941, early December 1944 and have updated the 408 Squadron Wartime Casualty List from the Squadron History Book. W. R Chorley Bomber Command Losses of WWII Volume 5, Lancaster Mark II, LL687 EQ-M Operation Hamburg, crashed near Spreckens. Flying Officer Pilot, Ryan D T, J21669, KIA 29/07/1944, Age 24, RCAF, Canadian, Becklingen War Cemetery Grave 17. D. 7. Flying Officer Navigator, Whitson R D, J87963, KIA 29/07/1944, Age 28, RCAF, Canadian, Becklingen War Cemetery Grave 17. D. 5. Pilot Officer Air Bomber, Durnin A H, J85681, KIA 29/07/1944, Age 22, RCAF, Canadian, Becklingen War Cemetery Grave 17. D. 8. Flight Lieutenant Wireless Operator Air Gunner, Croucher G, J26857, KIA 29/07/1944, Age 29, RCAF, Canadian, Runnymede Memorial Panel 244 Pilot Officer Air Gunner, Truscott H E, J88730, KIA 29/07/1944, Age 23, RCAF, Canadian, Runnymede Memorial Panel 253. Pilot Officer Air Gunner, Imrie J A K, J88662, KIA 29/07/1944, Age 19, RCAF, Canadian, Becklingen War Cemetery Grave 17. D. 4. Sergeant Flight Engineer, Scott D, ?, POW 29/07/1944, Age ?, RAF, United Kingdom, Sergeant Air Gunner, Blais J L A, J89105, KIA 29/07/1944, Age ?, RCAF, Canadian, Becklingen War Cemetery Grave 17. D. 4. Virtual Canadian War Memorial. You should be able to find Additional Information and Family Relationships on all of the Canadian RCAF members of the aircrew on the Virtual Canadian Memorial. The personal files of aircrew Killed In Action are archived and available for research in the Canadian Library and Archives, Ottawa. Found your uncle’s military records under Service Files of the Second World War - War Dead 1939 - 1947. Suggest you request a copy of everything on his personal file since it’s not very expensive. It’s more difficult to find information on aircrew surviving the war since access to their personal files is restricted. Sergeant Flight Engineer D Scott was Royal Air Force and the RAF is even more restrictive. Hope this helps . George R McKillop New Westminster, BC
David Doyle David Doyle wrote on November 7, 2014
I am looking for more information concerning my uncle Flight Officer Donal Thomas Ryan (J/21669 R77065) - downed on July29, 1944 and is buried in BECKLINGEN WAR CEMETERY. We have a copy of his logbook and also his medals and know his aircraft iden as Lancaster EQ-H. What my family is seeking is information about his aircraft (name) and whatever we can find out about the crew. Any assistance that can be provided would be much appreciated by all our family members. David
Colin Cripps Colin Cripps wrote on October 23, 2014
I\'m researching any Aircrew who passed through 49 (Bomber) Squadron RAF. I would like some more info on a Sgt A J Rea 1162829 Pilot (later Fl/Off 132174), who was seconded to 49 Squadron from 408 Squadron at Syerston. He served with us from the 28th of July 1941 to 21st of August. He returned to 408 Sqdn and was awarded a DFM. Rea I believe was then posted to 105 Sqdn on Mosquito MkIV\'s, and was killed on landing at RAF Marham after an \'Op\' on the 27-28th of May 1943. Here is a hyperlink to his niche on our website Many thanks for any assistance.
Keith Baker Keith Baker wrote on October 4, 2014
Hello, I had an Uncle William Baker who served with the squadron during WWII as a waist gunner/radio operator in the Halifax Bomber. Our family has his flight log book, which takes him through training, bombing missions, right up to the point he was shot down and his German POW ID card. We also have a few photos. The family wants to keep all the original documents. However I scanned everything and would be happy to share this. Who should I contact from the squadron who might be interested in this material? Thanks Keith
Frank Johnston-Banks Frank Johnston-Banks wrote on August 17, 2014
FYI this image is up on ebay if any of your members would like to acquire it. best regards Frank Johnston-Banks Easingwold Tourist Information (takes in Linton, Eastmoor and Tholthorpe Canadian bases)
Libbey Griffith Libbey Griffith wrote on July 4, 2014
Hi, I am looking for recordings of the \'RCAF band, No. 1 Manning Depot\', with my father, H. Carl Griffith, playing lead sax. He was signed on to the band by pianist Frank Hammon . Quoting my father, \"We were on the air though two weeks of Canadian National Exhibition. We broadcast every afternoon. We were on stage at the C.N.E. and most of the summer we had gone out playing all over the country.... as part of their recruiting programme.\" Love to hear from anybody who remembers. Thanks.
George R McKillop George R McKillop wrote on June 18, 2014
Paul Simmons, Email questions of Wed, 11 June 2014 I\'m researching information for a planned book about the former RAF station at St Mawgan in the SW of the UK. In June 1945 over 160 RCAF Lancasters passed through on their way home to prepare for Tiger Force operations. Are you able to confirm the dates of departure from Linton-on-Ouse for 408 Sqn. ? (I believe it was 15th June) 408 Squadron History Book Copyright 1984. the Hangar Bookshelf ISBN 0-920002-32-3 Return to Canada, page 37 “On June 14th the trans-Atlantic journey to Canada via the Azores began and several days later it was completed without incident.” and did they all leave on the same day? Doesn’t seem like it but unable to confirm. I think the 2nd Linton squadron (405) departed on the 17th. 426 Squadron was the other squadron based at Linton-on-Ouse, 405 was a pathfinder squadron based in southern England. Hope these Sites will be useful in your future research: RAF Station St Mawgan 405 RCAF Squadron Lancaster 10 Bombers Ferried to Canada George R McKillop New Westminster, BC.
Paul Simmons Paul Simmons wrote on June 11, 2014
I\'m researching information for a planned book about the former RAF station at St Mawgan in the SW of the UK. In June 1945 over 160 RCAF Lancasters passed through on their way home to prepare for Tiger Force operations. Are you able to confirm the dates of departure from Linton-on-Ouse for 408 Sqd (i believe it was 15th June) and did they all leave on the same day. I think the 2nd Linton squadron (405) departed on the 17th
Danielle Ashworth Danielle Ashworth wrote on May 6, 2014
Looking for a shoulder patch circa early 1970\'s of the goose Squadron for a friend. I was a member myself of 408 and retired 1976 myself If you can help me out it would be appreciated T Y
Bob McKillop Bob McKillop wrote on May 3, 2014
Recently on the CBC News in Atlantic Canada the story of a Lancaster Bomber Mk10 that is on display in a park alongside the Trans Canada Highway between Edmundston NB and the Quebec border. This aircraft made a number of sorties during WWII and then was used by 408 squadron in Canada after the war. A small group of dedicated but inexperienced and under funded volunteers need assistance to provide the proper housing for the aircraft before it falls victim to the elements. The link below will take you the CBC TV video of the story. After many years of driving between Ontario and Prince Edward Island I was finally looking in the right direction and the right time. It is a glorious sight and worthy of preservation. Hopefully help arrives in time.
Christine Hulett Christine Hulett wrote on May 3, 2014
Imagine my surprise as I was searching this website, the first article was of my Great-Uncle Michael Cameron and the crew of EQ-U Lancaster Mk X KB993. Thank you so much for publishing this article. I printed the article and sent the copy to my Great-Uncle Ralph Cameron, the last surviving relative of Michael. Lest We Forget.
Paul Daniel Paul Daniel wrote on April 24, 2014
Hello Ken. Good times indeed, would be great to hear what many of our crew members from that era are up to. Hope all is well with you. My email is
Ken Hicks Ken Hicks wrote on April 4, 2014
I was a Flight Engineer with 408 from 1978-1980, I have many great memories of my time with a great bunch of guys. Would love to hear from any FE\'s from that time.