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  1. Brian Cunningham

    Good afternoon to All
    I do hope I am doing this correctly, as I am not very computer literate
    My name is Brian Cunningham, and my Dad, William John Cunningham was a rear gunner with 408 Goose from around 1942 to 44, I believe.
    I have a few pictures, and one of them is with his crew
    Mid upper gunner Clark
    Navigator Smith
    Pilot Cooke
    Bomb aimer Fergnson
    Wireless Ops Nogan
    Any info on my Dad or his crew would be very much appreciated
    Brian Cunningham

  2. Phil Froom

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am sorry if this is the wrong email address for this email, but perhaps I could ask you to kindly forward it to the correct member of your team if you feel it is appropriate to do so?

    As many of your association members will predominantly be ex aircrew, evaders or prisoners of war, I thought you may be interested in a new book produced by Schiffer Publishing, which is available at the end of this month.

    The book covers the evolution, formation and role of the secret wartime organisation known as MI-9 and its US mirror organisation MIS-X. These two organisations were responsible for the invention, production and distribution of a huge variety of ingenious evasion and escape devices issued to allied air crew and Special Forces to enable them to evade capture after being forced down, or cut off behind enemy lines in occupied Europe, hopefully to evade and safely return to their Squadrons and Regiments to continue the struggle against Axis powers.

    The book concentrates not specifically on MI-9 or MIS-X – although their histories are covered – but on the innovative and rare devices themselves, and includes over 700 unique images of these immensely rare devices.

    Please see attached the press release for the book.

    If you are able to share this with your team, I think that many of them will find the diverse nature of the book; its linkage to the previous careers of many of your members (possibly their own bail outs or evasion and escape training), and the parallel interest generated in the variety of everyday items which were ‘loaded’ with evasion and escape items for covert shipment into prisoner of war camps in Europe, very interesting and relevant.

    These escape items included pens, pencils, razors, shaving brushes, tooth brushes, combs, cigarette lighters, books, mirrors, games, sporting goods, dart boards and numerous other everyday items. So the book should find a wide readership due to the diverse contents included.

    So I hope you may be able to share information on this book with your members and that they may perhaps find the book of interest – especially since as an ex member of HM Forces, I will donate a percentage of all sales to the RAF museum who provided invaluable help in the writing of the book.

    The book is published this month by Schiffer publishing in USA and can be found on their own website, on Amazon or the Schiffer website.

    The UK distributors are Gazelle Books (POC is Melanie Warren). (Gazelle Publishing) website:

    Best regards and thanks
    Kind regards
    Phil Froom


    Vancouver Public Library would like to purchase 1 copy of
    408 Squadron RCAF: THE ROCKCLIFFE YEAR, 1949-1964
    Can you supply or advise as to where I could purchase this book.
    Vancouver Public Library
    Acquisitions Division
    350 West Georgia Street
    Vancouver, BC
    604 331-4024

    V6B 6B1

  4. Mrs Anne Evans

    Could you please tell me if it is at all possible to purchase 2 copies of ‘Been There, Done That’, the Memoirs of Ron Butcher DFC, as a matter of urgency for birthday presents.
    Thank you. Anne Evans

    1. W. John Richardson

      This book appears to be readily available via or

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