408 Squadron’s Last Casualties of WW2 and The Final Flight of EQ-U Lancaster Mk X KB993

18 May 1945

3.WO2 Cameron (right) and his crew in front of a Halifax VII.  While the crew is not named, it is suspected that these are the members of the Clifford Crew during their Heavy Bomber Conversion. Most crews stayed paired throughout training and deployment

WO2 Cameron (right) and his crew in front of a Halifax VII.

The war in Europe had ended 10 days before and life at 408 Squadron was good.  With only 4 weeks remaining until the Squadron redeployed to Canada, the wartime alert levels had been stood down and daily operations took on a training and maintenance role.  While the air war against Germany was over, 408 Squadron was one of eight squadrons selected for redeployment to the Pacific Theater of Operations…/more


McGOWAN, Stewart (Stu) Edwin OStJ, CD BGen Retired

9095509341_64077f353b_nWith great sadness the McGowan family announces the unexpected death of Stu while in Lima, Peru. Paddy and Stu were on a glorious cruise through the Panama Canal. His last days were spent enjoying the seas in a magnificent ship, lying in the sun on the pool deck with a rum and coke in hand. Stu was born in the Town of Mount Royal, Quebec, the son of Muriel (Muffet) Stewart and Edwin Archibald (Mac) McGowan. He graduated from Victoria High School in 1955 and Royal Military College in 1960…/more



408 Returns Home From The Phillipines

News release from the CF:

EDMONTON – Members of Edmonton-based 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron (THS) have begun returning home from their mission in the Philippines just in time for the holidays. The first 408 THS personnel arrived this

408 returns home

morning where they were greeted by family, friends, squadron members and VIPs. Additional members of the Squadron will be returning to Edmonton over the next several days via Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CC-177 Globemaster III transports.

On 10 November 2013, the Government of Canada deployed the Interdepartmental Strategic Support Team (ISST) to the Philippines aboard a RCAF CC-144 Challenger aircraft to help assess the needs of the affected population and identify areas for potential support. Within 24 – hours of this initial deployment, additional RCAF aircraft and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) had been mobilized and were enroute to the region…/more





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