War Art

Afghanistan Roto 11 art

Afghanistan Roto 11 Cartoons foreign-weapon-sales hunting know-your-enemy main-rotor-blades packin-heat shakedown taliban taxi battle-buddies blowtorch camel desert-dragons dragon floppy-hat foos-ball

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Nose Art

The following is a collection of Nose Art from the Second World War up to the conflict in Afghanistan

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One Thought to “War Art”

  1. John Goheen

    My great uncle F/Sgt A.L. Goheen was a navigator in 408 between late July and the end of September 1944. He did 13 Ops with 408 before a silly argument with his pilot FO Brown led to his transfer to 426. I just did an article about him for In the Service of Canada, a RCL publication. Interested in your association.


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