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3 Thoughts to “Personnel”

  1. Ray kirkham

    Hello. My name is Ray Kirkham. My father was in the 408 as a mechanic. He worked at Eastmoor airfield I believe. He led a crew that repaired the bombers and got them going again. I am wondering where we can find out info these people who worked behind the scenes. His name was Flt Sergeant Gordon Kirkham. He passed awy in 2003

  2. chris geis

    We laid to rest my wifes grandfather today. He was bombadier in the 408 from 1942 till 1946 , his name was Joseph “Shorty” Karasin .

    1. Terri Henderson

      My father’s name was Richard (Dick) E. Henderson, he was the Flight Lieutenant (pilot) of Shorty’s flight crew during the war. Everyone call my Dad “Skip”. My Dad passed away in 1985. I actually met Shorty once when my Dad took us on a trip across Canada. My Dad always had wonderful things to say about your wife’s grandfather, and when we visited, your wife’s family were so very nice to us.
      We’re travelling to the UK this fall and are hoping to visit where they were stationed. I’ve been looking at some of the photos and information of my father’s as well as doing web searches to find out more, that’s how I ran across this message. God bless.

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